¿What is

free Body Motion?

Free Body Motion is born from the neccessity to explore and discover what is beyond the principles of:

  • Athletic and sport practice.
  • Comprehensive anatomy of the human being.
  • Movement: in its different structures, appearances and shapes.
  • Games: as a natural way of learning and communicating with others and the envioroment which surrounds us.

By combining different disciplines and forms of expression, Free Body Motion seeks and achieves to delve into subjects such as:

  • To improve the quality and consciousness of our body motion (coordination, ryhthm, balance, breathing, agility, flexibility). Looking to leave behind the lack of awareness with which we move. So that slowly we can integrate what we are learning into our atlethic activity, sport, dance or daily activity.
  • The cleansing of, and coordination between, our joints. This way our body can achieve a higher level of flexibility and be prepared for any physical request we ask of it. It is important to acknowledge and explore our weak points and/or injuries, so that we can better our phisical practice and our health as a whole.
  • To improve adaptability. Learning new techniques and strategies which will help us to cope and improvise in unknown situations.
  • The aplication and understandting of the energy that is linked to the human being. When we move our body intelligently, we get to know some of our own corporal patterns. We also learn about the rules of the physical enviroment that surrounds us. With this knowledge we can generate a potential and kinetic energy which will helps us, amongs other things, to economise our use of energy.

    We also have another kinds of energy, that even though they are more subtle, they are very important. These energies are conected to our organs, thoughts and emotions through a symbiotic and physiological relationship. These types of energies assist us to understand the different stages and processes of human kind.